Neuroscience Letters 58:127-132, 1

Rogal, L., Reible, G., and Fischer, B.
Reaction times of the eye and the hand of the monkey in a visual reach task.
Neuroscience Letters 58:127-132, 1


Two monkeys were trained to execute saccadic eye movements and reach movements with the hand from a central fixation point to a peripheral target. Reaction times for both movements were compared on a trial-by-trial basis.

If the fixation point was extinguished before the target appeared (gap condition), extremely short latency saccades (85 ms) (express saccades) were obtained, that were followed by short latency reach movements (250 ms), but there was no correlation between them on a trial-by-trial basis.

If the fixation point remained visible (overlap condition), very short (100 ms) and rather long (220 ms) latency saccades were observed. Long saccadic latencies correlated strongly with the reach reaction times. Short latency saccades were followed by reach movements of reaction times longer than those observed after express saccades in the gap condition; there was no correlation between them. All reaction times varied systematically with practice.

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