J.Hirnforsch. 30:603-611, 1

Weber, H., Fischer, B., Rogal, L., Spatz, W.B., and Illing, R.B. Macro
Square wave jerks in a rhesus monkey: physiological and anatomical findings in a case of selective impairment of attentive fixation.
J.Hirnforsch. 30:603-611, 1


An otherwise normal female rhesus monkey executed large saccadic eye movements (macro square wave jerks) when required to attentively fixate a small visual target (fixation point). The jerks were observed exclusively in this specific testing situation. They occurred periodically at a frequency of 2.04 + -0.18 Hz to the right side with an amplitude of 23.5 deg. Direction of the jerks was about 3-4 degrees downward from horizontal. These parameters remained constant throughout the several months of daily recording. No jerks were executed during periods when the behaviourally important target was absent or substituted by another, behaviourally non-relevant visual stimulus. The monkey could perform normal visually guided saccades as well as smooth pursuit eye movements, but with the jerks always superimposed, when the monkey paid attention to the visual target. Histologic inspection of the brain revealed the presence of an incapsulated nematode in the cortex of lobulus simplex of the right cerebellar hemisphere, i.e., in a region involved in oculomotor control.

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